The last in the chronological evolution of NASA assisted, advanced Electric Tankless Water Heater technology for whole house application has been achieved by SETS-Systems Inc.

Since S.E.T.S inception, now a dozen years ago, NASA has been instrumental in assisting, advanced Tankless technology that began with the development of the S.E.T.S patented “Flow Switch” that allowed virtually fault free operations of the then developing Tankless technology. The company was even featured in the 1997 NASA Spinoffs Publication, which profiles technological advancements made in the private sector thanks to contributions by NASA.

After a few years and the introduction of the PCB circuit board for use in the developing Tankless technology, S.E.T.S again sought assistance from NASA through the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP). Managed by the Florida’s Technological Research and Development Authority, SATOP is a NASA-funded program that provides small businesses with free technical assistance. Small businesses come to SATOP with a particular challenge and the program provides up to 40 hours of gratis help from a relevant engineer or scientist who works within the space program. Through SATOP, Allen Saad, Principal Design Engineer of the Boeing Company at the NASA Kennedy Space Center was able to develop and advise S.E.T.S as to the most efficient and economical way to program the circuit boards to provide near flawless operation. The result was achieved without increasing consumer pricing and while still allowing 40-60% energy savings when installing the new S.E.T.S, Tankless Water Heater in a consumer’s home or business.

While Tankless technology for whole house application as a normal hot water Tank replacement has been long awaited and requiring innovative technology, it was still an evolution in progress; S.E.T.S desired the ability to manage and control the heating of water by simply setting a numeric 4 digit display to the consumer’s desired ‘Set it & Forget it” comfort temperature between 85 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The display will also convert to Celsius for users in other areas. To attain and sustain a desired pre-set, comfort temperature it became necessary to develop a new process that would go beyond the previous “Flow Switch” developed by NASA flow engineer Michael Brooks and patented by S.E.T.S. For proper, trouble free and precise, pre-set temperatures to be maintained - should another application be opened - it would become necessary to develop a “Thermo Regulated” or “Flow Regulated” process to control the electrical heating directly. However, the method used to precisely determine how much power to the elements and the resolution/granularity of incremental change required is where development would need to be based on the most advanced technology available anywhere. Once again S.E.T.S turned to SATOP and again Allen Saad of the Boeing Company was called upon for his input and expertise. Together, Saad and S.E.T.S worked to complete the final and most difficult step in the whole house, electric Tankless Water Heater evolution. In early December 2006, the task was successfully completed and Jerry Morabito, President of SETS-Systems Inc. expects his production roll out to begin in the first quarter of 2008. After expressing his gratitude to SATOP and specifically the Boeing Company, Morabito states this will be absolutely the last water heater a consumer will buy, ever!