The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce: Proud partner of SATOP

The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce (AHCC) is one of the largest Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in the United States with more than 1500 members. AHCC promotes economic empowerment through business development, workforce preparation and convention & tourism with an emphasis on small businesses and the Hispanic businessperson.

AHCC joined the SATOP network in the first year of the SATOP program in New Mexico in 2001 and has been a key supporter of the program ever since. Over the years, AHCC has referred numerous businesses to SATOP, ultimately resulting in further economic development and business growth in New Mexico.

Recently, AHCC referred Bueno Foods to SATOP NM. Bueno Foods is a high quality food service manufacturer, specializing in green and red chile products. At the time, their green chile manufacturing technique was generating an adverse amount of waste by taking too much “flesh” off the chile. SATOP NM was able to partner Bueno Foods with Ryan Herbon, an electro-mechanical engineer with the Manufacturing and Technology Engineering Center at New Mexico State University to provide the technical expertise necessary to minimize yield loss by improving the peel removal process.

Through AHCC, SATOP has been able to successfully provide assistance to many such companies in New Mexico. AHCC promotes SATOP to their membership base through guest speaker presentations, booth opportunities at business networking events, by highlighting and advertising SATOP in their monthly newsletter, and through direct business referrals to the program. “Working with Phil Castillo and others on the staff at AHCC has always been rewarding,” says Ashley Sanderson, SATOP Partnerships Manager. “They are very eager to help companies succeed, and recognize the value that SATOP provides to those with technical challenges.”

In 2006, AHCC received the Eddie Award for the Technology-Based and Electronic Category for promoting Economic Development in New Mexico. The AHCC was also recognized with the Piñon award from Quality New Mexico, and the AHCC was named as one of the best places to work from the New Mexico Business Weekly. They also successfully introduced Legislation during the 2006 NM Legislative Session to change the New Mexico procurement code to allow for electronic bid submission in support of New Mexico businesses. They were successful and the legislation was signed into law by the Governor.

In May, AHCC celebrated its annual Education Excellence Luncheon and awards program to celebrate student achievement, and advocate for entrance into and
completion of post-secondary education. The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce has established multiple partnerships with local businesses and corporate entities that contribute cash scholarships to deserving Hispanic youth throughout the Albuquerque area each year. At this year’s event more than $70,000 in scholarships was awarded to more than 50 students.

AHCC has been and continues to be an indispensable partner to SATOP and the small business community of New Mexico.

For more information about AHCC, call 505-842-9003, or visit