University of Houston Small Business Development Center Leads the Pack

SATOP has formed Alliances with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to help market the program to small businesses.

The Small Business Development Center at the University of Houston came out of the blocks fast back in 2004 and today is the top performer among the Texas Economic Development Organizations. The University of Houston SBDC has generated 43 Requests for Technical Assistance from small businesses since partnering with SATOP.

The SBDC attributes its success to the vast network of small businesses and the quality of those relationships that they have built over time. The SBDC serves 32 counties in Southeast Texas through 14 business consulting and training centers.

Recently, Industrial Innovations, Inc., which produces customized tools for the construction and maintenance industries, needed assistance in determining the stress limits of a U bolt in a newly developed tool dubbed the Master Extractor ™. The University of Houston SBDC recommended SATOP, which in turn paired owner James Carmouche with Dr.Yu-Ping Tang of the New Mexico State University, a SATOP Platinum level Alliance Partner. Dr. Tang quickly performed a finite element analysis of the tool, providing Carmouche with the exact information he needed to meet a critical customer demonstration milestone.

SATOP has other impressive success stories resulting from its partnership with the University of Houston SBDC. A few examples are a new medical aid to assist people following surgery, an improved design for a football helmet chin strap, a low-cost LED flashlight and a method to eliminate odors inside a fish meal processing plant from getting outside the facility.

“SATOP is perfect fit with our mission,” said University of Houston SBDC Network Executive Director Mike Young. “We are able to provide space age technology to our list of professional consulting services.”

The University of Houston SBDC is a resource partner for the U.S. Small Business Administration providing the tools and resources necessary to help businesses grow and compete in an increasingly challenging global economy. The SBDC offers free business consulting and affordable training seminars designed to help attract customers, improve operations, increase sales, and successfully access capital.