Design By Analysis, Inc. (DBA), a world leader in providing advanced technology solutions to the aerospace industry, recently added its company’s name to SATOP’s illustrious list of Alliance Partners.

SATOP owes much of its success to Alliance Partners, such as DBA, who pledge to help the program by contributing their time and technical support to small businesses in need of assistance.

Initially, DBA signed on as a bronze-level Space Alliance Partner, but thanks to its commitment to SATOP, was upgraded to silver, agreeing to donate up to 500 man-hours during the span of the agreement. “Our company is made up of a small group of highly-skilled engineers who understand the importance of assisting other small businesses,”
said Robert Avalone, program manager of Design By Analysis. “We are excited to be a part of such a worthy program and have already gotten involved in 18 requests for assistance since joining
in July.”

Established in 1995, DBA is a rapidly growing company with a worldwide client base, including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Duracell USA, Daimler Chrysler, Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation and Ensign Bickford Aerospace and Defense. Its engineers provide full-service design and drafting of mechanical products, training in state-of-the art design tools, 3D modeling and specialized analytical services for structures, thermals and fluids using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

DBA staff boasts years of experience in designing flight equipment and has directed design programs for non-aerospace products such as optics, fuel cells, sensors, plastics, electronics packaging, manufacturing and test equipment.

“In our hearts, we are designers here and a wide variety of design work is what our engineers enjoy most about working at DBA,” said Avalone. “SATOP has already delivered a variety of design challenges to our engineers and they love it! We have such a diverse group, with experience in everything from manufacturing to automotive to machine design, we feel like we can handle almost anything that falls in our lap.”

By partnering with SATOP, DBA’s knowledgeable engineers will provide assistance to small business owners throughout the United States. This collaboration saves businesses time and money, as well as fulfills SATOP’s commitment to exchanging technological know-how and helping small businesses succeed.

“With its world-renowned reputation for being a leader in the mechanical engineering industry, we are confident that DBA will continue to provide invaluable expertise for a wide variety of small businesses with technical challenges,” said Ryan McLaughlin, SATOP – NY Engineering Manager.