Release Date: 11/1/2011


The past two years have been a sprint for the SATOP team. The nationwide SATOP had just re-launched in January 2010 after experiencing a funding gap since August of 2008. Working with limited resources and time. the SATOP team was able to start the acceptance of Requests for Technical Assistance within a couple of weeks. Since January 2010. we have assisted more than 370 small businesses with solving their technical challenges.

Unfortunately. we are again faced with a similar funding challenge. (Effective November 1. 2011) Due to changes in federal funding priorities. SATOP will only be accepting Requests for Technical Assistance from small businesses located in the State of Texas.

SATOP is an initiative designed to provide technical assistance and speed the transfer of U.S. Space Program technology to the private sector. It does so by providing up to 40 hours of free technical assistance to small businesses. helping them solve their technical challenges and increase their odds of success.

In 2007. SATOP achieved a tremendous milestone. An independent third party firm reported the cumulative total economic impact from 2001 through 2006 resulted in more than $571 million and 1.373 jobs created/retained. Now thatís results!

SATOP continues to pursue funding to support its future nationwide operations. Once new funding is secured. SATOP will resume the acceptance of new Requests for Technical Assistance nationwide. A notification will be placed on the website when this occurs.