Release Date: 5/16/2007


On the surface. these business owners may have appeared to have nothing in common. They hailed from different parts of the country and their products were extremely diverse: window insulating panels. an aviation lighting device. a heat exchanger for HVAC systems. and a hydration system for football pads. However. they all traveled to Washington DC to deliver a very consistent and simple message. That message was “Thank you”. The message was delivered at SATOP’s annual Alliance Partner Appreciation event which honors the 55 different companies. universities. and colleges that have helped small businesses overcome technical challenges. The business owners in attendance represented a small sample of the hundreds of companies assisted by SATOP each year. In total. more than 180 people attended the event which took place on May 15. 2007. The gratitude communicated by the small business owners was echoed by an esteemed group of Congressional Representatives at the event. “On behalf of the United Stated Congress I want to thank you for what you do for the Space Program. but also for small businesses. To help small businesses advance in technology is important because technology is the future.” declared Congressman Michael McCaul (TX). Congressman Al Green (TX) discussed how he appreciated the accomplishments made by SATOP Alliance Partners on a local level. “I am so honored that the SATOP has developed programs to assist small businesses. Small businesses in my area alone are benefiting greatly from what you do.” he stated. Congressman Nick Lampson (TX) was most impressed by the economic development SATOP creates. “It’s wonderful the total amount of money you’re putting into the US economy. and the jobs that are being created … Congratulations on another great year.” stated Lampson. These comments came on the heels of an announcement made by Chester Straub. the Executive Director of the Technological Research and Development Authority which administers SATOP nationally. Straub indicated that a recent study identified that SATOP’s Alliance Partners were responsible for creating/retaining 327 jobs and infusing more than $165 million into the US economy during the last year. In addition to attendance by Congressmen McCaul. Green. and Lampson staff members from the offices of Senator Bill Nelson (FL). Senator Martinez (FL). Congressman Steve Pearce (NM). and Congressman Ted Poe (TX) were present. Eight special awards were presented to companies and universities that have achieved significant levels of distinction. United Space Alliance - KSC. walked away with the Florida Alliance Partner of the Year award. The company has solved a host of challenges ranging from redesigning a gate lock system. to preventing delamination of composites used by the RV industry. to reducing the weight of hurricane shutters. Loren Shriver. former Astronaut and current Vice President of Engineering and Integration and Chief Technology Officer for United Space Alliance. accepted the award. The award for New York Alliance Partner of the Year was presented to the ASR Corporation. New Mexico State University captured the New Mexico Alliance Partner of the Year award. and the Texas Alliance Partner of the Year award went to Boeing. JSC. SATOP also presented Awards of Excellence to companies that provided outstanding assistance to specific small businesses. The University of Central Florida was recognized for the assistance it provided to Dais Analytic Corporation. Mr. Scott Ehrenberg. the Chief Technology Officer for the company explained how UCF was able to help them analyze the airflow within their heat exchanging unit. UCF provided the company with recommendations that substantially improved the design and overall efficiency of the unit. He indicated that thanks to UCF he was able to reduce costs by more than 30%. increase profit margins. and ultimately sell a million square feet of the product last year. City University of