SATOP has formed an alliance with the Baytown/West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation in Texas to help market the program to its clients. The Foundation was established in 1986 with Mike Shields as the Executive Director since its inception. The foundation’s goal is to foster economic growth. Their strategic plan includes growing their base of advanced manufacturers and they see Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program as a catalyst to that growth.
The Foundation seeks to accomplish its goal by attracting new businesses and industries to the area, working with existing businesses and industries to expand, and working to enhance the capacity of infrastructure and the quality of life.
Located just east of Houston, the foundation serves the City of Baytown and West Chambers County. The Foundation also serves the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District, and Lee College. The area is home to a wide variety of businesses including many of the countries major chemical companies. This industrial base is supported by a large number of small businesses. In the past 10 years, more than 35 companies have invested nearly $1.6 billion in the Baytown-West Chambers County community, creating 1170 jobs and generating $44.4 million in new tax revenues.

The varied business base served by the Foundation will benefit from the unique services SATOP has to offer. “We are hopeful and excited about joining SATOP because of its straight-forward approach to business,” said B.J. Simon, economic development specialist for the Foundation. “SATOP can provide technical expertise to small businesses in our region that they cannot normally obtain on their own.”

Simon recently briefed the “Baytown Plant Managers Network” on SATOP. He said, “the briefing was well received and that the plant managers want to distribute SATOP information to their subcontractors.”

The Foundation has touted the benefits of SATOP at various community meetings and scheduled the SATOP program manager to speak before the Baytown Chamber of Commerce Monthly Membership Meeting.

Simon has targeted a sector of the local businesses that could benefit from SATOP by arranging for a SATOP booth display at the Baytown Chamber’s annual business expo. “SATOP is valuable economic development tool that all of our small businesses should be able to access.

The Foundation has an impressive list of accomplishments. Recently, with assistance of the Foundation, Wal-Mart built and operates a massive distribution center in Cedar Crossing Business Park in Baytown, West Chambers County. Wal-Mart constructed a 2 million square foot distribution center on a 296 acre site. The Wal-Mart facility employees almost 400 people.
Bob Mitchell SATOP Texas Executive Director is excited that an organization like the Baytown/West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation is now affiliated with the SATOP program. “They recently received recognition for community economic development from the Texas Economic Development Council demonstrating their capability to foster economic growth. They are a fine organization, and the synergy between the Foundation and SATOP will greatly benefit both,” Mitchell said.