It is with great enthusiasm that the SATOP center in New Mexico welcomes its newest Economic Development Organization (EDO) – the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico (AICCNM).
AICCNM is a non profit organization, comprising more than 300 business professionals, with a mission to promote a positive and productive business atmosphere. Representing various industries from governments to tribal entities, the members of AICCNM continually strive to promote the use of sound business principals, provide educational outreach, and energize the tourism industry.

To achieve these ambitious goals, the organization provides networking activities, mentor programs, and several opportunities for Native American professionals to form and strengthen business alliances on both a social and professional level.
Seasoned executives are encouraged to share their wisdom and advice with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and job seekers.

EDO’s are instrumental to the success of SATOP, as they generate referrals, locate small businesses in need of technical assistance, share success stories, and generally spread the word about the organization.
AICCNM is more than up to the challenge, and SATOP is pleased to have them on board.
“AICCNM is incredibly well-connected among the businesses in our area, so I have no doubt that they will be a strong resource for SATOP,” says DeAnza Valencia, SATOP New Mexico Director. “Our goals of helping businesses succeed are quite similar, so it is an ideal relationship.” Other than direct business referrals, AICCNM plans to promote SATOP to their constituents through booth opportunities at business mixers, highlighting and advertising the program in their bi-monthly e-newsletter, and guest speaker presentations at networking events and regional trade fairs.

Theodore Pedro, the Executive Director of AICCNM, has an impressive background in business development with Native American Tribes and Pueblos throughout New Mexico. He knows, probably more than anyone, that small businesses constantly face challenges that are simply beyond the scope of their expertise. That’s where SATOP comes in.
“Our members are always helping each other work out challenges within their respective communities, and I’m sure a good number of them are technology related,” says Pedro. “From now on, it’s going to be SATOP to the resuce.”