SATOP has formed Alliances with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to help market the program to small businesses.

An integral component of SATOP’s success is the Economic Development Organizations (EDO) that market SATOP’s services to small businesses in need of technical assistance. One of SATOP’s key EDOs is the Office of Science and Technology (OST) within the State of New Mexico’s Economic Development Department. The OST is headed by Michael Orshan, who is fairly new to the OST but has an impressive background in renewable energy, workforce education and broadband services.

OST has a clear and concise mission: to leverage programs with such partners as New Mexico federal and state labs, state universities and private organizations with similar interests. OST is able to provide services vital to the entrepreneur, or reference to those organizations most likely to be able to help. This is where SATOP is able to assist OST with those companies that need a technical challenge solved. “SATOP is a valuable resource to offer our high-tech entrepreneurs,” said Orshan. “SATOP and our goals compliment each other to the benefit of both organizations.”

The OST’s programs are organized around the following functional areas:

• New Mexico Directory of Technology Organizations — a searchable directory of organizations and laboratories in New Mexico including descriptions, functions, addresses and websites
• Business Assistance Resources for the Entrepreneur
• Technology Assets Program
• Technical Training
• Venture Capital Financing
• Telecommunications Advocacy
• Incentives to do Business in New Mexico

The OST’s network of resources can help with the development of business plans, market and technology evaluations, location of sources for financing, and other traditional business-oriented problems.

Referrals can be made to others working on similar technologies in an effort to resolve technical issues. Services also extend to helping entrepreneurs thread their way through such issues as registrations, permitting and regulatory requirements. The OST maintains a strong network of connections in the scientific and financial sectors to help entrepreneurs reduce the time it takes to take a product to market.

In addition to the OST staff, community development services are provided
through a regional representative program. One staff person is assigned to each of the five planning districts throughout New Mexico. These representatives can provide technical assistance in starting an economic development program or organization, strategic planning for community development, access to state programs and incentives (such as the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund and Cooperative Advertising), as well as identifying those companies that can use the assistance of SATOP.

“We are pleased to have this partnership with OST as we can truly be a resource to the state in helping small and emerging companies get technical assistance, thereby enhancing the department’s mission for economic growth in New Mexico,” said Hugo Hinojosa, SATOP New Mexico director.

To learn more about the Office of Science and Technology, visit the State of New Mexico’s Economic Development Department website at